audrey elizabeth. stargazer. filmmaker.

All images and films in this template are the work of Audrey Elizabeth Thomas.

Audrey is a student in Seattle. She has recently been accepted into new york university's film and television program, and cannot wait to attend school in the fall!  until then is doing everything she can to learn and embrace every aspect of film. She has made several non-profit films for companies and schools, as well as a number of shorts that revolve around social issues we see everyday. 

audrey has been fortunate enough to have traveled to many places. she has noticed throughout her travels that both film and music are entirely universal, holding hopes and prayers for one country, and reality and knowledge for another. 

most recently she has traveled to korea as an international film juror and ireland as a filmmaking participant of a youth festival. audrey is constantly learning and teaching new ways to express oneself through 21st century media. 

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